Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blockbuster 'n4 - by Elcon Industries

I'm going to be getting rid of some of my videogames. They take up too much space, and I'm never going to get around to repairing them all. This one is from a company called Elcon Industries, formerly of Royal Oak, MI. It is a discrete logic game (I assume), with 5 different games available. (The marquee actually says "Blockbuster +4", which makes more sense.)

I assume these are all variations on Pong/Breakout/etc. As you can see, it's not working properly, but it does run through the "attract mode" on power up.

I'm wondering if this is an original game, or a clone of an existing one?

You can see some graphics glitches, but it is kind of interesting. The Cosmic Attackers game I have from the same company had a Sega Space Attack PCB inside.

Here are some more stills:

You can see that it also has a few bulbs which light up some game description text, and there is also a single "seven-segment"-style display for good measure. I'm not sure what that is for.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any info on this game, or others like it, or info on Elcon Industries, or ideas on what to do next :)

I don't have the key to the back of the cab, and I haven't "broken into" the back to take a look at the circuit board yet. I think that might be the next step.


Mr Z said...

I found that the key to my locking 5.25" floppy disk tray would open a surprising number of cabinets if wiggled properly.

BDD said...

If I had the room, I'd probably take it off your hands. I could even pick it up as we don't live that far from each other. But alas, I'd already knee-deep in PC and Mac parts and have no room :(

PeteB said...

Frank you still have this for sale?

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