Sunday, April 17, 2005

Space Raider graphics fixes

I got my JAMMA cabinet running again, built the Space Raider-to-JAMMA adapter, and got the board up and running over the weekend. This allowed me to fix most of the graphics problems with the driver! (Most notably, the grid is animating properly now, and it's the right color.)

The only thing that's noticable now is the lack of a background starfield. Without schematics, this will probably take a long time to get right.


Anonymous said...

Whatz up man? Whatz up man?

Anonymous said...

Without schematics and you have the board? Trace it! send it to Guru or Aaron or Haze or someone that has done that sort of thing before just by having possesion of the board!

Anyway, great job. Thanks for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above, Frank is probably more than competent to do the reverse engineering. It just takes time and effort.

Anonymous said...

Yet another hidden gem within the huge bowels of MAME. I'm happy that there are guys like Frank that like the older games and take the time to save and document them. Remember our trip to Grand Rapids to get that Space Invaders II cocktail? :)

Brian Deuel

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